Den 17 oktober kl 17.30 på Mindpark i Helsingborg. Definitivt något för oss rotarianer! Dessutom har Rotary International och Toastmasters International ett samarbetsavtal. Du hittar mer info här:
Here are some other benefits for a collaboration between Toastmasters International and Rotary International:
Improved Communication Skills:
Rotary is known for its commitment to service and community engagement, and effective communication is a vital aspect of fulfilling these goals. Toastmasters clubs offer a structured and supportive environment for members to develop and refine their public speaking, presentation, and interpersonal communication skills. Rotary members who engage with Toastmasters can become more effective advocates for their Rotary projects, better fundraisers, and more compelling storytellers, ultimately enhancing their ability to inspire and engage their community and fellow Rotarians.
Enhanced Leadership Abilities:
Both Rotary and Toastmasters emphasize leadership development. Toastmasters clubs provide numerous opportunities for members to take on leadership roles within the club, such as serving as club officers or organizing and leading meetings. Participating in these roles allows Rotary members to hone their leadership skills in a different context, gaining valuable experience in team management, project planning, and effective decision-making. These leadership skills can be directly applied to their roles within Rotary, enabling them to contribute more effectively to their club and district's success.
Expanding Professional and Personal Networks:
Rotary members often have diverse backgrounds and professional expertise. Visiting or working with Toastmasters clubs can provide opportunities to expand one's network and connect with individuals from various industries and backgrounds. Building connections within a Toastmasters club can lead to valuable collaborations and partnerships that benefit both organizations. Additionally, the supportive and encouraging atmosphere of Toastmasters clubs fosters lasting friendships and personal growth, which can enrich a Rotary member's overall experience within their service organization.
In summary, collaborating with or visiting Toastmasters clubs can empower Rotary members with improved communication skills, enhanced leadership abilities, and an expanded network of contacts.
These benefits not only contribute to their personal growth but also strengthen their ability to serve their communities effectively as dedicated Rotary members.